321Forms is an online software service that allows for companies of all shapes and sizes to hire new employees with ease - and without all that paper. The process reduces the time, redundancy and overall hassle of completing all the necessary paperwork when starting a new job. It also may be clinically proven to lenthen the lifespan of HR ( I just need to find someone to fund a study… )

It has been a pleasure to participate in this company’s growth. I started here as a student-intern and Utah State University and am currently the CTO and second-longest tenured member of this fine company.

College Football

CFB Ratings

A Passion project since 2013, the England Ratings use linear regression to attempt one simple task: line ‘em up 1-by-1 and figure out who’s better. I’m also very proud to have these rankings as part of the Massey Composite Ratings. This diverse group of computer rankings, when combined into the composite is amazingly consistent on a yearly basis.

The Oscars

The Oscars

A crowdsourcing project that asks for anyone on the web to participate in figuring out who and what are worthy of taking home the film industry’s top prizes. Based off of the algorithm that runs my football rankings, this is probably the most fun with math you are legally allowed to have.


Sketchbook & Coffee

Kelli had a very specific design in mind and needed someone to make her ideas come to life. We worked together to showcase her large collection of creative work in a compact, modern way.


OKC Legal Practice

Celeste ( My better half ) needed a website that was easy enough for her to manage, but built well enough to stand out in the competitive legal market. We have gone with a one-page Wordpress app that’s mobile ( and people ) friendly.


Blast a Gram